Oh the Holidays

Yep, once again I fell wayyyyyyy behind on posting here. My life has been a huge roller coaster most of this year so please excuse my absence. So, the holidays…fun, stressful, and hectic. The latter two are really not so great for lupus now are they? I made it through with only one meltdown which really is nothing so brag about though I think I have most of the plan down pat to avoid such things next year.

Thanksgiving Week and Black Friday – shop online! I got all but 2 gifts done from the comfort of my own home that week. The other 2 I had to actually go buy but not until just about a week ago. Seriously, online shopping = best shopping ever for sick people (or really any people)

Wrapping – start out slow way ahead of time. All my gifts were wrapped by 2 weeks before Christmas and I didn’t have a single swollen finger or knees. Arthritis makes sitting on the floor wrapping pretty difficult sometimes. Just do 1 or 2 gifts a day and you should be fine. You’ll be happy you did this.

Decorating – the same as for wrapping. Slow and steady wins the race, there’s no rush so just give yourself time.

Food – cut down on the sodium and sugar beforehand. You know you’re going to be eating a lot of unhealthy things. If you’re already feeling crappy, flarey, whatever, try not having so much of those yummy things before the holiday dinners. Especially sodium if you’re on prednisone, no one wants to look like a blowfish in a holiday picture.

After all the hub bub is over, take a few days and relax. Cleaning can wait (except, you know, dishes. You might want to clean those so you don’t get gnats or whatever.) Play with your new “toys” and just veg out. Then when you have energy you’re ready to start cleaning. Just take it one room or one half a room at a time with a little break in between. Hopefully, that will help!

I know this is a little late for this holiday season but like I said, these are things I learned this year and now I’ll be ready and raring to g next year. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! 



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