I have a life again!

Or the potential for having a life once again. Basically since April, I’ve been going non-stop.In April, I had surgery again to remove more pre-cancerous lesions that chemo was not working on. What did I learn? The following:

  • No matter how old you get or how many surgeries you have, you will always want those who raised you around – I couldn’t have done so well if my mom and dad weren’t with me.
  • ALWAYS ask for nausea medicine prior to surgery – whatever “magic pill” (that’s what they actually called it) they gave me, I plan on getting every time I have anything done
  • On that note, always get the name of what they give you – I forgot and now I have to go searching through records, fun fun.
  • Surgery, or any other major medical procedure/treatment, shows you who your real friends are – hang on to them ❤

Anyway, the surgery was successful and now I’m on chemo. I’ll probably need another one next year and I’ll stay on chemo for most of my life if they don’t get me off of CellCept. We shall see what happens with that. Followed by surgery, I took finals. This was the first time in law school I used accommodations. I had to convince myself it was okay to ask for them considering I’d had major surgery the week before. Major lesson learned? It’s OK to ask for help! In fact, I did it for the bar exam too and I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through without them. Bringing headache meds was a life saver!

So after finals I graduated and went on vacation. Managed not to flare, woot! Then onto studying for the bar. That experience was hell. I was living alone and in a flare so of course all I wanted to do was sleep. Trying to do 8+ hours of studying a day while fatigued, stiffed, and with a headache was not easy. I had a few meltdowns (again I learned who my real friends are!). Figuring out what was best for me was hard but I managed. Today I found out I passed! Last major lesson of the summer? Listen to your friends and family – they know you better than you might think. When I finally listened to the advice on studying from my dad, I grasped a lot more things I hadn’t been understanding.

And now with that joyous news, I’m off to loosen up my joints with a nice hot shower! I’ll be back soon, I promise no more 3 month long breaks :).

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