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So my family and I decided I’d try going gluten-free after having so many stomach issues over the last few months. What I’ve learned so far? 1) It’s really hard when your favorite foods are cake, cookies, and bread. 2) It’s really hard to gain weight on a gluten free diet. 3) After a week or two of no gluten, any at all makes me horribly sick.

It’s not all bad though, I’m definitely learning how to manage my meals. Gluten-free food is expensive so I’m learning to use recipes that don’t require a whole of extra things like gluten free flour, noodles, stuff like that. I have to say it’s much easier thanks to two of my dad’s colleagues. They were amazing and made me this giant gluten-free binder shown below. It has tons of recipes and substitutions. It also has a list of brands and what they make that’s gluten-free. The sub list and brand list have come in especially helpful already and I can’t wait to try the recipes! Thank you so much Shannon Gaffey and Eileen Nunamacher! I appreciate your time and effort in helping me with this rather dramatic change in lifestyle and it means a lot to know there are people like you out there willing to help! I will post later this week the scrumptious recipes I made (most took just a few minutes) all week. Right now, I’m off to prepare for court, wish me luck!

Gluten-Free Recipes!

And a stack of GF recipes!

A huge list of substitutions and brand names

A huge list of substitutions and brand name

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I just had to reblog this poem. SO much of it is stuff that people with chronic illness can relate to!

The rantings of a hysterical hillbilly

It’s Not My Imagination

My right eye’s always twitching.

My legs are filled with lead.

I am forever dropping things.

And they say it’s in my head.

I have six pairs of glasses

With no two quite the same.

And I wear each one on different days

‘Cuz my eyes keep playing games.

I have this buzzing feeling

Deep inside my head.

And a jolt of electricity

Just made my feet fly off the bed.

Sometimes my throat won’t swallow.

Sometimes I pee my pants.

When I ask the docs, “Is this MS?”

They just say “There’s a chance.”

When my tongue went into spasm

It did a u-turn in my throat

And blocked my life’s-breath airway.

The doc said, “Make a note.”

My legs went numb and swollen

And doctors shook their head.

But they won’t put a label on it

Until I’m good and dead.

The vertigo is…

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Super Lupie?

Looking at my original schedule this semester, I had a thought. Why is that I feel the need to try and be superwoman all the time? One thing I realized was that I feel the need to do more than most “normal” people in an attempt to show that being sick can’t stop me from doing anything. Maybe not everyone does this but I certainly know some people that do.

I’ve always had a strong motivation and desire to succeed and really, that’s all I thought this was. But then I really thought about it – look at college. The normal enrollment was 16 credits I believe and the maximum you could take without permission was 18. So I took 17 or 18 every semester until my last one when I got seriously sick. I could have graduated in 3 years but I stayed an extra year. Who does that?!? Yea it was fun and I took some really fun and interesting courses that last year but it was really hard work to get to that point. “Normal” people graduate in 4 years, I managed to finish everything in 3. Many of those facing challenges take longer than 4 years. Law school was almost the same way, I keep taking these classes that I know are going to be extremely difficult and taxing but I do it anyway. It’s my last year and I changed my schedule to make it harder without even realizing it. Go me!

I finally fixed everything and made my life a whole lot easier but it definitely made me stop and think whether I do these things because of my own ambition or because I’m sick. Conclusion: both. I will always tell myself I can do better, I can push farther but I will also always want to tell everyone “Hey look what I can do!” in an effort to show that my disability doesn’t run my life. I’ve decided I need to back off on that second one now – I’ve more than proved myself at this point in my life and now it’s time to focus on what’s best for me.

Everyone have a wonderful, safe, and warm week!

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Happy New Year!

I know, I’ve been slacking again. But finals are over and I’m rested up and ready to go. I’m heading back to North Carolina and thought I’d share some things about making the ride easier.

  • Don’t drive alone if possible. If you can bring a friend or boyfriend or family member to help you drive, it’ll be a lot easier. Move as much as possible while not driving.
  • If you’re driving alone, take frequent breaks. Every hour or two, take a five minute rest stop. It’ll take longer to get to your destination but your body won’t be screaming at you when you get there.
  • During long plane rides get up and move. Flying to Australia, my doctor told me to get up every few hours and walk up and down the aisles. It helps with circulation and preventing blood clots. It also keeps your joints moving so they don’t get quite as stiff.
  • Sleep. If you’re feeling sick, try to sleep part of the trip. It helps with car sickness and makes the ride go quicker.
  • Bring snacks and lots of water. Keep hydrated, especially on planes and always eat. No eating = no energy later in the day. You’re already going to be exhausted, don’t add to it by not eating and drinking.
  • Finally, bring more than one thing to do! Bring books, puzzles, video games, whatever you like to do. You’ll always have a choice if you get bored and it’ll help time move faster!

I know this is a short and quick post. And most of it’s common sense but really..I’m always surprised at what people forget!


PS: What are your new year’s resolutions? I’d really like to know!

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