I’m baaaccckkk! (said in a sing songy voice)

Hi everyone!

I know it’s been a while but I’m finally back and ready to go! Well, kind of ready to go. Ready to be ready to go is more appropriate. I just responded to a ton of comments that had been pre-marked as spam so I’m sorry if it took a while for your comment to show up. I’ll have to go take a look and fix that.

Life’s been crazy busy for the last month – one big roller coaster ride. I had a paper due at school, a mock trial, and major health issues including surgery. But the good news is most of those are done and they all went well! I got an A on the paper, my side won the mock trial, and surgery went well with no complications. I am still on the mend from it but I was able to go back to school this week though it’s still slow going. The best part of that surgery? The biopsies they took all revealed no cancer! Yay! That’s basically the only important part of that. If I can get through these things in one big dose, so can you! However..if you need a little help, I have some tips that may make things easier.

  • Surround yourself with family and friends. My parents came down for the surgery. My brother and sister and best friend talked to me throughout the weeks leading up to it. My boyfriend was with me every step of the way and my friends down here were as supportive as can be. When things get rough, they’re the first people to make you feel better. They helped all the stress I was feeling about all of those things go down ten fold. Don’t underestimate the power of a good chat.
  • Try and make those projects enjoyable. I tried to pick a topic I could analyze and argue passionately about for my paper and the time it took to write it flew by. For my mock trial, I laughed. A lot. I tried to find humor in whatever I could in that case file and it relaxed me. It made it easier to question someone in front of a jury of strangers. School and work projects really don’t take as much out of you if you’re having fun so find the humor, get a friend involved, make a study party date with some friends – you’ll be done in no time.
  • Don’t push yourself. So I’m back in school this week and I regretted it on Monday. I was just not ready to go back and I shouldn’t have forced myself. I was miserable all that day and in more pain than I had been in 4 days. It’s okay to sleep and lay in bed all day. Don’t try and do things your body is clearly telling you it’s not ready to do.
  • Eat. Busy times are probably the most important times to keep eating and eating healthy. It’ll help you keep your energy up and give you the ability to think clearly. I tend to eat less when I’m stressed and then I get tired and feel sick all the time. This time I didn’t, I forced myself to eat as normally as possible and it was so much easier to get through the last month!
I’m sure I’ll come up with more with exams coming up but that’s all I have for now. Thank you again for reading and being patient with my absence these last couple of week!
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