Please excuse my previous rushed post

My last post was very rushed and I feel I should qualify the very simple suggestions I gave. I’m aware that I didn’t really list any new activities however, I have found that people forget how much of a difference these simple activities can make. Being outside for ten minutes makes people feel loads better, the sun makes people happy! Seeing a movie with a friend may seem like nothing new but going with different friends and different amounts of people really is a difference experience each time. We have to remember that it’s the little things in life that make us happy.

I should also add a few activities to that list:

1) Video game parties to that list. It’s so much fun to get a group or even just have a friend over and play video games. We all turn into a bit of a little kid and it ends up having some pretty entertaining results!

2) Needlepoint. This is really difficult when arthritis is acting up in your hands but doing it a little bit everyday, I’ve found, helps them stay loose. Plus, I end up with a pretty wall hanging after a couple of weeks.

3) Learn something new – make a photo collage, create a website, write a book, anything – the world is full of possibilities! 🙂


Try something new indoors this week, you’ll be glad you did!

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