Summer fun

With this massive heatwave that’s hitting the south, I thought I’d talk a little bit about lupies and the summer. While most of love the sun and love being outside, it’s just not possible to be out for very long without risking a flare up. In this heat, it’s even worse. Just going from 106 degrees outside to my car which is 110 degrees inside and then back inside the house which is 75 degree kills me….and that all happens in just a few seconds! So, my solution has been to go outside in very short bursts and stay inside while I wait for this heatwave to end. Here are some suggestions on how to have fun for short periods outside and longer periods inside.

1. Sit outside under an umbrella or on a porch and read a chapter of your favorite book. It’s not much but it warms you up and you get your daily dose of the outdoors.

2. Have a movie marathon inside – my boyfriend and I watched all the Harry Potter movies this week (I know I’m a dork but he hadn’t seen any of them!)

3. Make a new recipe and savor.

4. Go to the pool! Water is always good to cool off and it lets you stay out longer.

5. Plan activities with your friends like going to a movie or getting dinner. Usually I grab food outside of my house once a week, it’s refreshing!

I’m in a bit of a rush so that’s it for now!

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